• Brad Walker

    Lay minister

    Brad is currently sharing the pulpit with Rev. Ellworth Jackson and brings the Sunday message to us in a very easy to understand way and makes it clear how Scripture applies to our daily living. Not one to shy away from invoking a little humor, Brad is down to earth, approachable, and friendly. It is obvious he cares for and loves the people Jesus loves. Brad is married and lives Davison.

  • Rev. Ellsworth Jackson

    Rev. Ellsworth Jackson is currently sharing the pulpit with Minister Brad Walker. While renown for his music ministry, Rev. Jackson brings a way of sharing the message in a straight-forward easy to understand and apply manner. Rev. Jackson has experienced varying walks in the faith during his years of serving the Lord in other churches and brings a wealth of biblical knowledge, wisdom and experience to West Court Church. Rev. Jackson lives in Linden.

  • Kim Murdough

    Office Manager

    Kim has been serving the church in various capacities for two decades. We appreciate the service she does for us on a weekly basis, handling many of your concerns throughout her work-week and connecting families in need to local resources; Kim is married to Frank and resides in Clayton Township.


  • Leadership Team

    Keepers of the Vision

    We are grateful for the stewards of our vision. Some churches have elders, deacons (all biblical terms) but we are excited to have a team focused on communicating with God about our future and who safeguard our pastor as he provides leadership to the congregation. 

    The current team consists of: Jeniffer Dumas (Chair), Mary Powell (Vice-Chair), Stephanie Bigler (Secretary) along with Laura Gallagher, Liz Taebel, and Chris Walker.

    Contacting them isn't as simple; they are volunteers. A good place to start is via the email or Facebook link below.


Our Ministry Partners

Part of our vision is that we believe that we do not have to reinvent the wheel. Here are some great organizations that we partner with in order to affect change in West Flint.