Wednesday Night Bible Study

April will kick off with a Bible Study on the Five Functions of the Church. This will be an interactive study on Worship, Fellowship, Faith Nurture, Outreach and Stewardship. You will have an opportunity to participate in what these functions will be responsible for, how discipleship works into the equation, and even see how we will use the functions as a team to work together for events and ministries of the church. Starting Wednesday, April 3 at 6pm. A soup supper will be served at 5:30pm for your convenience at no charge.

Worship Singing

At 6:00PM on Wednesday nights, we will begin our time of worship. For the most part, we will sing out of the Church of God Hymnal Book, concentrating on rich doctrinal songs. The idea is to refresh the souls of those who grew up singing them, and also educate others in the rich heritage of the Church of God.


Prayer is vital. Wednesday night prayers will be focused towards the intentional discipling of individuals and for the community. 

Some of the intentional praying we do is for:

An End to Violence in Flint

For Better Stories to  be held, shared, and grown within the community.

Have a need you'd like prayer over? Let us know!


Primarily led by Pastor Rob, this teaching time will be focused on living out your Christian faith. The teaching time will be more dynamic, engaging each person in dialogue as we adapt and grow from a topic, theme and Scripture passage.